• Meeting Announcements:

    • July area meeting will be held on the 9th instead of the 2nd.
    • The Living Clean meeting on Mondays at the Mahood Senior Center will be temporarily closed on July 3rd due to the 4th of July Holiday.


The Westside Area Phonelines helpline exists to provide a link between the still suffering addict and Narcotics Anonymous. Our primary purpose is to help addicts get to meetings. We also can provide information to outside agencies and professionals seeking information about the Narcotics Anonymous program. We help connect outside agencies with our Hospitals and Institutions subcommittee, and to answer general questions about Narcotics Anonymous.

The Helpline is answered by volunteer members of Narcotics Anonymous with at least six months of clean time. We strive to have a live addict answer calls, however we do provide the option to have a directory faxed to the caller, or the caller can leave a message.

The Westside Area Phonelines Subcommittee meets on 4th Sunday of every other month at 2:00pm. Please call the Westside Help Line at (310) 390-0279 for location information.

However, if you need to reach an addict outside the Westside, please call the Southern California Region of Narcotics Anonymous helpline at (8OO)TODAYNA or (8OO)863-2962.

In addition, this link has a complete list of all help lines numbers for the state of California.