The Regional Service Committee (RSC)

Regional service committees exist to pool the experience and resources of the areas
and groups it serves. The RSC is composed of regional committee members (RCMs)
elected by the region’s member-areas; these RCMs usually elect regional committee
officers from among themselves. RSCs organize regional assemblies at which GSRs
and RCMs discuss a wide range of service matters, including those likely to come
before the World Service Conference, and may elect a regional delegate and alternate
delegate to the WSC.

NA World Services (NAWS)

World services are those services which deal with the needs of NA as a whole, and
which NA offers to its members, its groups, and to society. The basic purposes of our
world services are communication, coordination, information, and guidance. We provide
these services so that our groups and members can more successfully carry the
message of recovery, and so that our program of recovery can be made more available

Please refer to A Guide to Local Services in NA if you need to better understand service in NA.