Westside NA Area Service Opportunities

PHONE LINES (Westside Area)

Phone lines wants recovering addict to always be at the end of the phone when someone calls seeking help. We connect those seeking recovery with meetings and those seeking information about Narcotics Anonymous with the information.

The Westside Area of NA operates our own phone service software and have over 20 “time slots” to fill each month. Addicts in our area with over 6 months clean are encouraged to take a phone line commitment. Training is provided.

Introducing someone to NA is an easy way to give back what has been freely given to us.

Meets concurrently with the WASC monthly meeting
Meets Virtually on Zoom: (provided at request)
(CONTACT) phonelines [@] westsidena.org
(DOWNLOAD) Guidelines are requested

LITERATURE (Westside Area)

The duties of the literature committee are to order, distribute to WASC member groups and oversee the storage of NA-related items such as NA literature, Keytags, Medallions, and other NA memorabilia. How this process is determined is dependent on the direction of WASC and the abilities of the current Literature Subcommittee.

Meets concurrently with the WASC monthly meeting
Meets Virtually on Zoom: (provided at request)
(CONTACT) literature [@] westsidena.org
(DOWNLOAD) Guidelines are within the WASC Guidelines.

ACTIVITIES (Westside Area)

The Westside Activities Subcommittee meets once a month to discuss projects and event planning:

The Westside Activities Subcommittee coordinates and hosts several fellowship-focused events throughout the year. These events serve as a place where recovering addicts can meet and enjoy living life without the use of drugs while building unity within the fellowship.

The Activities Subcommittee also attends the Regional Activities meeting to help coordinate events with other Southern California Areas and the So. Cal Region.

MEETS: the first Friday of every month at 6 PM (PST)
WHERE: Virtually on Zoom Meeting ID: 865-4833-2676
CONTACT: activities [@] westsidena.org


Addicts institutionalized and unable to attend meetings often have their first experience with Narcotics Anonymous thanks to a panel from Hospitals and Institutions.

Recovering addicts carry the message into residential drug treatment centers, jails, mental institutions, and other facilities. Having an opportunity to bring hope to an addict still suffering and unable to go out to meetings is an amazing experience.


The H+I Subcommittee is also where we answer questions, provide orientation support, and communicate expectations before anyone commits; if a leader agrees and is voted in to take a panel, they’re usually given literature/format, etc., on the spot and will be added to our “WASC H+I Google Group.”

  • Panel leaders: Six (6) Months + Attend two (2) consecutive subcommittee meetings.
  • To share on a panel: Ninety (90) Days.

TO REQUEST A PANEL AT YOUR FACILITY: hi [@] westsidena.org

For Westside NA Members:
(WHEN) Meets the Third Tuesday of every month at 7:45 PM
(WHERE) In-person at The Hope Center
(CONTACT) hi [@] westsidena.org


The Public Information (PI) Subcommittee informs the public about recovery from the disease of addiction through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous.   We provide community awareness of what NA is and how, when, and where we are available. We accomplish this through presentations, our website, and responding to requests for speakers and/or information about NA from the community.   PI presentations are available for all members of professionals, schools, clergy, health care, and correctional facilities.  

TO SCHEDULE A PRESENTATION: pr [@] westsidena.org

For Westside NA Members:
(WHEN) Meets 2nd Saturday of the month.
(WHERE) Meets Virtually on Zoom: (provided at request)
(CONTACT) pr [@] westsidena.org
(DOWNLOAD) Guidelines to be provided